Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Going to Keep Trying Until I get This Right

I actually really like blogging.

Unfortunately.... I haven't yet managed to find a blogging style I like enough to hold onto for any significant amount of time.

As a result, I have more than my fair share of unfinished blogs floating in the cybersphere.

But thats whats great about the unlimited nature of the cyber universe! I can keep trying until I get it right :-)

Lately my facebook account has been ridiculously clogged with all of the news articles that I am constantly "sharing" with all of my "facebook friends" (along with my colorful commentary of course *smile*).

I realized that the way to solve the clogging problem was also the way to get myself back into blogging... create a blog where I post all of the articles/videos/blogs, etc that catch my eye and write my commentary in one central location!

sounds obvious right?

well you'd be surprised how difficult it is to come up with the simplest ideas when one is immersed in academic literature day in and day out... lol

so here we go... check me out :-)


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