Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Living Single Reunion

Anybody that knows me knows that Living Single is absolutely my favorite show of all time.

So I was beyond excited when TV One announced that they would be having a Living Single Reunion Show (TV One will now be showing Living Single episodes as a part of their weekly lineup).

I should have known better than to get excited about anything orignally produced by TV One... but I foolishly did...

and sure enough... it was HORRIBLE. Queen Latifah didn't bother to show up, so it featured the rest of the cast reminiscing about what great actors they were and how important they felt the show was.


The weird thing is... the actress who played my favorite character (max), Erika Alexander, looked totally lifeless. She barely said anything and did not look like she wanted to be there.

Makes one wonder what the real politics behind the show were.

Either way, I think I'll just stick to the Living Single re-runs...


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