Friday, August 8, 2008

Question of the Day: Kilpatrick vs. Obama

On Tuesday Terry Neal on The Root wrote an interesting article about Barack Obama. In it the following argument was made:

When Camp McCain says he's arrogant, they're playing to those who think he's another black man who doesn't know his place.

On Thursday The "D" Spot wrote a blog about the recent imprisonment of Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The blog made the following argument:

The real reason our mayor is sitting in jail tonight has nothing to do with that phone call he ‘forgot’ to make. Our mayor is behind bars because of his arrogance. His blazing intelligence, which everyone who knows the man can attest to, has been short-circuited by his arrogance and staunch belief that the rules of the world don’t apply to his planet. Because on Planet Kwame, the rest of us are merely bit players and props, placed here and there on a ‘K’ shaped stage only to cast a better reflection upon His Highness.

Now I know ya'll are like.... these two have absolutely nothing in common! and you might just very well be right.... Nevertheless....

I think the fact that both are black men that are in historic positions (Obama could be the first black president and Kilpatrick is the youngest mayor to ever be in office in the City of Detroit), and that both are currently being accused by the national media as being arrogant... is interesting and something to be thought about.

So my question to you all is this: can we think about accusations of Obama and Kilpatrick being arrogant as operating in the same way? If not, how are they different?


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Keith said...


Just wanted to say thanks much for referencing my blog post on The "D" Spot concerning our ongoing tragedy with Mayor Kilpatrick. I appreciate that.