Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Thoughts for August

1. I really wasn't feeling HRC's speech at the Democratic Convention, she spent way to much time congratulating herself and her husband. There is no way this would have even been an option had she won and Obama lost. At some point, this egomanical focus on the "Clinton Legacy" is going to have to stop and we're going to have to start thinking about how to get Obama ELECTED.

Not to mention the fact that I hate how she is trying to get as much purchase as possible out of being a woman (a la "my sisters of the traveling pant suits") after ignoring this part of her identity up until May 2008.

Melissa Harris-Lacewell sums up my feelings exactly in her latest blog post on HRC's speech.

2. Although I was annoyed with the beginning of Michelle Obama's convention speech, I understood that she did what she had to do. She had to convince people that she loves her country and that she isn't "scary"... mission accomplished.

But... I loved the end... something about being a black woman, watching a black woman with such poise and grace speaking about what it meant for her to stand at the intersection of race and gender... made my heart speak. Of course her daughters are beautiful and Michelle's style is impeccable... I couldn't help but wonder what it meant for young black women to watch her on tv, and to see her image everywhere.... she gives a lot to aspire to!

3. I am REALLY excited to see Jennifer Hudson sing the national anthem on Thursday night at the convention (Obama personally requested her).

4. I'm so excited that Rachel Maddow is getting her own show on MSNBC.

5. 47 Days till the Chicago Marathon

6. Iyanala Vanzant's 20th anniversary edition of Tapping the Power Within is changing my life.


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Keith said...

I have to say I agree with you on Hillary's speech. So many of the pundits were gushing about it, but I wasn't quite so sold. I thought essentially she did what she needed to do, and compared to where she came from during the primaries it was evidenc eof progress and semi-willingness to play ball. But that Rocky Balboa-style video intro was waaaaay over the top and too much. This is Obama's show, y'know? And the Convention is HIS HOUSE.